Pie Making

(From a sermon given at Fruitland CRC, October 8 2017, Luke 17:11-19)

My mother was a master pie maker. Thursday was pie day, every week there was a minimum of six pies created. Apple and Pear pies, elderberry and cherry pies, peach pies and raisin pies, lemon and chocolate meringue pies.

Apple-Pie-with-Crumb-Topping-2-500x332We had pie every evening meal, a whole one.

There were seven of us so the pie was cut in seven and I always got a piece from the adult side, because I was the oldest.

My moms specialty, her sweet spot, was the apple pie. She was known in the community, in her extended family for her apple pies.

I might be biased but I’ve rarely come across an apple pie that would rival

Pie making has a flow to it. You need to gather the ingredients, peel and chop apples, mix flour and lard for the pastry, roll out the pastry and put it in pie pans, Mix the apples with sugar and cinnamon, and place them in the pans, mix up the topping and spread it on top of the apples, pop the pies in the already preheated oven for the prescribed amount of time. Take them out of the oven, allow to cool, enjoy.

With a few more details 
you might call this a recipe, a recipe for pie making.

Our text this morning could be seen as a recipe as well, a recipe for faithful,
thankful living.