Snow Day

Living where we do, snow days are a part of our winter experience. These are days when it is snowing and blowing hard enough that everything in the area pretty much stops. Ours started last night.

J had a meeting in town and headed off around 7:15 to pick up a friend. At 10:30 she called to find out how things looked out here. It had been snowing, but at the time she called the weather was clear. It seems that a streamer off the lake had set itself up just north of us, where she was. They headed out, but were met by a police officer at the edge of town. The road was closed. The two of them returned to the house their meeting had been at and spent the night. I took advantage of the solitude and worked on a paper until 1:00 am thinking today would be full of other things.

The streamer is about 20 km wide, right on top of us.

The streamer is about 20 km wide, right on top of us.

Well, it wasn’t. J took advantage of a break in the weather this morning and came home using some back roads. The streamer moved a little bit south to sit right on top of us. The road closed last night is still closed. I ran out of ink in my printer, so I did drive to town (by a route avoiding the closed road) but I likely shouldn’t have. There certainly wasn’t much traffic.

According to the Weather Warning we could get 40 cm of snow overnight. Right now it looks like its trying to fall all at once. The world outside our window is getting very small.

We’re warm and safe. Both stoves are running and we have lots of wood. We’ll have a nice quiet night.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go to Grand Rapids for a Worship Symposium. We’ll just have to see. We’re not really in control of coming and going right now.