We are having a really crazy spring, and I guess winter, in terms of weather. Today is March the 24th and we have just come through a week where temperatures went over 26 degrees Celcius. It’s been warm for two weeks now, and we never really had winter. The snowblower didn’t get much work. The maple syrup producers in the area had a less than stellar crop with about 80% for their normal flow.

Its not that this has never happened before. In the early eighties, I can remember a year when spring grains were planted in March as they have been this year. There was a winter in the nineties when we didn’t put the snowblower on the tractor at all. But, this year seems to be warmer, and weirder than those were.

There are side benefits. We can laugh at those folks who went south to get away from winter, although going away would have been nice. Driving has been a breeze and the wood pile is holding out well.

March 24 2012

And, the forsythia is blooming. We have a huge forsythia bush just across the driveway from the house. In years when spring comes on too hot and too fast the flowers seem pale and short lived. this spring its wonderful. It is the first major colour of the spring flowering at the same time as the crocuses and before the early daffodils.