Day 9

Fair Haven State Park to Newark (63km)

We were on our bikes by 9 am this morning and by 9:15 J was off of her bike pushing it up yet another hill.

We had been promised by the locals in Fair Haven that the road would level out as we continued further west.  They were right in relative terms but we still had some climbing to do.  We stayed on 104 to 14.  Both roads were in good condition with wide shoulders for bikes.  In some cases, if you put the right and left shoulder together it would be as wide a some of our paved country roads. J and I can ride side by side quite nicely.

A stop a Walcott to celebrate the end of the hills.

By the time we got to Lyons and turned west along the canal the road did indeed become flat.  We are spending the night in the Quality Inn in Newark.  Unfortunately, both their pool and internet are out of order.  We are posting this from a public park across the road from the Inn.



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