Day 6

Picton to Kingston  (66 km)

We were off earlier than usual today after a breakfast of granola bars and water in our room.  We headed down County Road 33 to the Glenora Ferry.  After a short wait we were on the ferry and across to Adolphustown.  Our plan was to find something hot to drink and maybe a muffin for breakfast after the ferry ride, however, there was really nothing there.  We pedaled about 30km before we found a small restaurant/variety store where the tea was great.

Most of the route was really quiet and very well paved with a wide bike lane.  In Kingston we did not follow the Waterfront Train and got ourselves on some pretty busy roads with no bike lane.

Rather than head to the ferry for Wolfe Island and beyond we decided to spend the night at Queens University in a dorm room.  The price is reasonable but the accommodation is student basic.  We are in single beds tonight with no air conditioning, but we do have internet and laundry facilities as well as a TV and small kitchen in the lounge down the hall.

We spent the afternoon wandering the city.  It is an old city in Canadian terms with some cool history.  We had hoped to take a bus tour but missed it by minutes because a speed boat show was happening where the bus usually loads.  We walked instead and ended up really tired and sore.  Supper came from the local Metro Store and  was carried back to the dorm.

Spent the evening with our feet up watching TV, something we can’t really do at home. Some of the ads are really funny.

Wide shoulders, quiet roads

Our dorm room


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