Day 5

Consecon to Picton 36.5 km

Today was a rest day, simply moving from one end of “The County” to the other.  Slowing down for the day turned out to be very worthwhile.

Part of the day was spent on quiet country roads, not necessarily paved.

This area is marketing itself as a tourist destination and it seems to be working.  There are now over 30 wineries here as well as restaurants, art galleries and other interesting places to stop.  Although J. loves wine and K. likes it, we felt we had to mix things up a bit or the bikes would become more and more unstable as the day went on.  We also did not want to go too far off our route, so anything more than 2 km from the road we were on was not considered.  The last challenge, Ontario rules do not allow for serving of alcohol before 11 am.  We cycled past a lot of interesting wineries before 11.

Our first stop, homemade donuts at a farm market stand.  Much better than anything Tim Horton’s sells!  An art gallery, a museum, homemade ice-cream, a bicycle shop, a brewery, lunch at a nice pub, a winery, a photography show, an artist’s co-op, another bicycle shop and a final stop at a Giant Tiger for some essentials.

We capped off our day with dinner at Currah’s with J’s cousin and her husband (L & T).  Great food and great company.   L & J were great friends as children, but have lost touch over the last years, it was nice to have a chance to reconnect.

Bed tonight is a room at the Picton Harbour Inn.  A real mattress, real pillows and a private bathroom.  What luxury!

We said farwell to our new friends, M&M from Switzerland


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