Day 3

Lunch in a Quiet Place

Every day has its highlights and today there were two.

First, Ken’s tire held air all night and we were able to find a bike shop in Bowmanville, 13 km from the park.  What a feeling of absolute relief when we were able to cycle away from there with a new tire and 3 replacement inner tubes as well as a patch kit.  Thank you, so much, to the young man in the shop who was so helpful!

The day turned out to be hot, hot, hot!  We learned later it was about 32 degrees—no wonder we drank so much.  Which brings us to the second highlight—freezies in Port Hope.  That childhood treat was so good!

We made it to Cobourg about 4 in the afternoon.  The ride was more difficult than we expected, more hilly, so we were grateful to be done for the day.

At the park, we met other cyclists.  A couple from Exeter , going around the lake, but in the other direction and a single man riding from Kingston to Toronto.  Nice to know we aren’t the only crazy people in the world.


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