Day 11

Brockport NY to Lockport NY 81 km

This was our second day of riding along the Erie Canal.  Flat, no traffic and I must say, just a wee bit boring.  It runs directly beside the canal, sounds like it should be interesting, but there is very little traffic on the canal.  We did not expect to see any commercial traffic, but we did expect to see more boaters.  Is the quiet canal a sign of hard economic times in the US, or are people simply finding other things to do?

The other thing we miss about staying on the canal trail is the towns.  We really don’t get a sense of what the towns and villages along the canal are like because we cycle right by them.  Not only that, we miss opportunities for food breaks or other interesting things to do.

We did meet some other distance cyclists on the trail.  Both of them started in Seattle, Washington and are headed toward Maine.  We learned later they are not a couple, just met up on the road and are travelling together for awhile.  Anyway, they told us about a place to camp in Lockport.

The Wide Waters Drive-in is a treasure.  It’s a drive-in restaurant selling your basic hamburgers and fries and wonderful ice-cream.  They’ve been there since 1961 and still have the original play ground equipment.  They’re also keen to have cyclists stop in and pitch their tent on the property.  There’s a municipal shower across the road and the owners of the drive-in leave their bathroom unlocked over night for their guests.  All at no charge.

John and  ?? also rode in, late in the afternoon.  These two men, from Denver, CO, are also doing a cross country trip from Seattle to Maine.  Makes our trip around the lake seem rather puny.


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