Day 10

Newark to Brockport  (96.5 km)

This is important!  Whether you are cycling, hiking or travelling by car, there is no place to stay in Spencerport!  None.  Not a campground, not a hotel, not a B & B.  Friendly people, even sympathetic, but still no place to lay our weary heads.  Guess we should have done a little more research.

We spent most of the day riding on the Erie Canal Trail.  A very nice, very flat ride.  Part of the trail was paved, part packed stone dust, both very easy to ride on.  I thought several times, this would be a day where we could invite friends to join us and they would still be friends at the end of the day.  Until we got to Spencerport.

We expected the ride to be about 66 km, it was actually closer to 76 km as the trail is not as straight as the road.  We ended up going 96 km in our search for a place to stay.  We’re holed up in an Econolodge near Brockport.  An inexpensive motel and a modestly priced restaurant are making this a fairly economical night.  Tomorrow will now be a little shorter and our entire trip is likely now half a day less.

The trail along the canal was quiet but because it was often gravel it was a bit slower than the highway.


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