Day 1

St Catherines to Mississauga

Sunday August 1, 2010, 103 km (64 miles) – Total so far: 103 km (64 miles)

Sometimes we have to ask, ‘Why are we doing this?’ Invariably the question comes at a time when we’re tired, hungry, sore and dirty. The question doesn’t get answered, we just get back on our bikes and carry on.

Today, we started the first day of cycling in our ’round Lake Ontario bike tour. In all honesty we didn’t have a great start but we knew that would happen. Yesterday we went to a nephew’s wedding. We had a great time and felt privileged to be part of the beginning of N & C’s life together, but .

We stayed out too late, spent the night with one of my siblings, (in a strange bed) and went out for breakfast before we even began our trip. All worthwhile, but we were not well rested when we started out later than we normally would for an 80 km ride.

Fresh and Optimistic

We started in St Catharines , mostly so we could leave our car at my brother’s house. We were finally ready to roll about noon, with the goal of getting to Mississauga. We’re following the waterfront trail guide for the Ontario part of our trip and it wasn’t long until we hit the first snag-construction. Surely those detour signs didn’t mean us, of course, we’d be able to sneak around a construction site, at worst we might have to walk our bikes for a bit. Nope, the construction company did an excellent job of fencing and we had to go out of our way, taking the south service road instead of the north service road.

It really was closed, even to us!!!!

We managed to find our way, but noticed some real differences from cycling at home. The roar of traffic coming from the QEW just doesn’t happen at home. We spent some time on a very nice bike path through Confederation Park but spent a great deal of time dodging people, again, that doesn’t happen at home.

We’ve also learned that we are somewhat challenged at map reading. Unfortunately, like most lessons, it was learned the hard way. A note to other users of the waterfront trail guide, map 2.2 (pp 36 & 37) is really a side trip and not part of the journey. DO NOT FOLLOW IT! We got to see the entrance of the Royal Botanical Gardens it’s not on the way!

Near the end of the day’s travels, we stopped at a Hasty Market for some water and Gatorade. I found a banana in the little store. It was the most appreciated banana I’ve ever eaten. K doesn’t like bananas so I didn’t have to share! I don’t like Gatorade so K gets to drink that vile stuff.

After 103 km, we finally made it to our destination, the home of A & L, our hosts for the night. We’re so grateful for the comfy bed, the warm shower, the good food and the interesting company. Not bad considering these are people we’ve never met until an hour ago.

It’s 9 pm and I’m ready to read my book for awhile and climb into bed, it’s been a long day.


1 thought on “Day 1

  1. But the weather was good, right? We had hoped for a beach day somewhere this weekend – forecast had said that could happen — but it was mostly cloudy all weekend.

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