Day 3 Siena to San Gimignano (43 km)

This evening we are sitting at the top of the world in the medieval town of San Gimignano. Someone told us that in Tuscany a lot of the towns are built on the tops of hills. This one is no exception with a three kilometer climb finishing our day. 

We are learning quickly that Tuscany is hilly. Our distance today was short, but we climbed almost 700 meters. Tomorrow will be longer with something over 1000 meters to climb. The inclines will not be as steep as they were today. On past trips the “granny gear” (I know that name is mean to grannies) was virtually never used. We were in it more that once today. We never had to walk the bike though. 

We are in the most amazing spot. Our room opens out on a terrace with a view that goes on for miles. Below us, grapes are being picked and little olive groves dot the landscape. We’ve got local wine (only 4 Euros), some local wild boar sausage, local olive oil, and bread from the bakery down the street for our supper overlooking the valley.

Life is good.