What Wondrous Love is This

Last night, with the congregation in Fruitland, we remembered Good Friday. It was an evening Good Friday service, something that was new to me, but also something which made the 20974cabc7883fad8610fcbf6b1ab6ccservice very meaningful.

We had observed Lent with diminishing candles.  One of our children extinguished a candle each Sunday to symbolize the coming darkness. By last evening only one candle remained. As the service progressed the lights in the sanctuary were turned off and dimmed leaving the church in near  darkness with just the single “Christ candle” struggling to cut into the gloom.

With the words of “What Wondrous Love is This” still hanging in the air, the Christ candle is blown out, it is finished, light is gone, and, it seems, at this point anyway, hope is gone as well.

Darkness, awe, and silence.

Sunday is coming!!!


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