Another Bunny Butchered

Of all of the children’s messages I do, I think the one that has garnered the most comments, been the most memorable, and maybe caused some short term trauma, is the butchering of an Easter bunny.

The bunny, of course, is of the chocolate variety and I wonder with the kids, just what such a bunny has to do with Easter. One smart kid today, knew that the bunny was a symbol of new life, fertility, springtime. Others thought maybe there was a rabbit at the resurrection. Good, thoughtful answers.

I told them that the answer was inside the bunny, at which I produced a very large knife and cutting board. The question of where we should cut is often answered with a loud “cut off its head” which always reminds me of that fickle crowd that was so willing to shout “crucify”bunny_lg just a few days ago.

Today’s group was much more civilized. One little girl suggested we cut off the feet, while another thought the ears would be more appropriate. We compromised (another good thing to learn in church) and with our big knife, cut the rabbit right in half.

The rabbit was dark inside, so, after a bit of fumbling, I got the flashlight on my iPhone to go, and we all peered into the bottom of the rabbit. There was nothing there. One forward thinker, suggested we were looking in the wrong end, so, we shone our light into the topside. Still nothing.

The rabbit was dark and empty, and, as one child pointed out, smelled pretty good. Which (apart from the smell) is where our bunny merges with the Easter story. The tomb too, is dark and empty.

The butchered bunny and two identical companions disappeared with the children to Sunday School. Some of the bigger kids, and adults, were hoping that some remnant of the bunnies might appear at coffee time, but the bunnies seemed to have been totally consumed, possibly in some sort of feeding frenzy, by the youngest of our congregation.

Blessed Easter




What Wondrous Love is This

Last night, with the congregation in Fruitland, we remembered Good Friday. It was an evening Good Friday service, something that was new to me, but also something which made the 20974cabc7883fad8610fcbf6b1ab6ccservice very meaningful.

We had observed Lent with diminishing candles.  One of our children extinguished a candle each Sunday to symbolize the coming darkness. By last evening only one candle remained. As the service progressed the lights in the sanctuary were turned off and dimmed leaving the church in near  darkness with just the single “Christ candle” struggling to cut into the gloom.

With the words of “What Wondrous Love is This” still hanging in the air, the Christ candle is blown out, it is finished, light is gone, and, it seems, at this point anyway, hope is gone as well.

Darkness, awe, and silence.

Sunday is coming!!!