Today would have been my mother’s birthday.

We never made much of a fuss about her birthday, likely because it was so close to Christmas. In more recent years she got into the habit of having her sisters over to share a meal. Over the years, our Christmas gathering, usually the Saturday before Christmas served a dou2008-05-08_201209ble purpose. This year, the weather canceled our family gathering altogether.

Mom’s been gone a year and a half now. This is the second Christmas without her, the second birthday to remind us again of what has been lost, to open up the hole that has been left a little more sharply than any other day. The 21st of December has become a day of remembrance rather than one of celebration.

Of course, we share her confidence in her salvation, but its not the same as having her here with her quiet optimism, her ability to live in the moment, her giving spirit, her generous wisdom. She is missed. We continue to grieve even as we live into the reality that life does go on.

So today, I remember.



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