2016 Year End Cycling Summary


Not the best selfie…but it is a last day shot…

Yesterday, temperatures climbed into the low 20’s (degrees C) and a little bit too close to the end of the day, we got on the tandem and rode down the road. It was a little too late in the day, because darkness comes so quickly now, the sun sliding all too rapidly toward the horizon. By the time we had made our short ride, dusk was falling.

Today it is snowing. A snow squall warning has been issued for tonight and tomorrow morning. Temperatures are now in low single digits, with negative numbers predicted.

I think our riding season is over.

The season shows some pretty good distance, but really, we didn’t ride as much as we have some other years. The trip from home to Halifax occupied more than four weeks of the early summer and contributed around 2500 km. 72544331-cc17-431f-b31c-c91d7b5439c2Living in two places, without bikes at one of them, really pushed down the amount of cycling we got in. It would be even less if it wasn’t for a wonderful group of friends who kept us riding many Friday mornings, always with great conversation and often butter tarts along the way.

We sold a set of bikes this year as well. Stuart and Marg tried our touring bikes during the summer, made a long trip to Ottawa with them, and decided not to give them back. Stuart has caught the bug in a big way and will be riding one of those bikes Sea to Sea next summer as part of a fund raising project to end poverty. You can find his page here. He would appreciate your support.

The final numbers:

Tandem: 3663 km

Touring Bike: 127km

Road Bike: 23 km

Total: 3813 km

The tandem continues to win as our bike of choice. We do enjoy being together, biking together, exploring together.

With our upcoming move to Prince Edward County, we are really hoping to be able to use our bikes more often as a means of transportation. Our new home is a short bike ride to groceries and other errands. Hopefully bikes will become the wheels of choice more often.


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