We’re on the Move

Right now, Jocelyn and I are between churches. This is one of the difficulties with the sort of interim ministry that I have been doing. By definition, interim ministry is not a stable sort of career. The needs of congregations vary, length of service could be dependent on a full time pastor accepting a call. The uncertainty of the position can make it difficult to arrange the next posting before completing the last one. In the Christian Reformed Church this can be even more true since there is no structure in place to facilitate the connection of ordinary interims (as opposed to Specialized Transition Ministers) with churches. The process is left to occur organically,  through word of mouth contacts are made, the next thing happens.

Church councils move slowly though, and sometimes after months of conversation, interviews, meetings, and even preaching, what seemed like a good opportunity to serve, evaporates,  (collapses might be a better word) and we return to square one. It is amazing though, how when one avenue seems to disappear, another one, or two, turn up to affirm the call to interim ministry.

14925606_673426999500481_6216103199003131789_nSo, with the end of the contract in York, and the acceptance of a call by a full time pastor to that church, I am between churches.

There are opportunities which likely won’t mature until the new year, and to be totally practical, we are really too busy right now to have a job anyway.

We are busy getting ready to move our home base in Huron County, 400 km, to Prince Edward County, to be closer to our daughter and her family. 400 km makes having a relationship with grand children difficult. Our children are spread out over the continent. We would love to park ourselves nearer to all of them, but that is just not possible. this is better than being far from all of them.

Moving comes with conflicted emotions. We’ve lived in Huron County as a couple for 34 years. I’ve been here longer. We have good friends here, lots of people that we know, great business relationships. Living in the area only half the time, while serving in York, did show us that we could make a home elsewhere, make new friends, new relationships. There is both a feeling of excitement and grief as the move approaches.

Moving does bring with it a break from the past. We’ve already sold a number of things on Kijiji, bits of farm equipment, fence rails, picnic tables, and other miscellaneous things collected over the years, each piece holding a bit of history, a bit of identity. We’re sorting too, sending boxes of leftover childhood to our kids, tossing books and papers, short pieces of 2 X 4 saved for a project which never happened. Every decision comes with its own little bit of grief and loss. Change is not easy.

3351_dsc_3943-s-1We are looking forward to the new place though. The house is nearly new, the setting is beautiful, and the area is one that has become something of a destination in the summer months. It is a great place for cycling, and our new home is close enough to town that our bikes could become a more regular means of transportation. A big contrast to our current place.

So, there it is, our move is out there. Every time we talk about it, write about it, the idea of living in another place becomes more of a reality. This thing is happening.


7 thoughts on “We’re on the Move

  1. Wow! Leaving Huron County, that is quite something. Who would have thought, not me. But I am happy for both of you as I know you will enjoy living closer to the grandkids (and I’m sure J is happy about this too). Wishing you all the best. And an excuse for us in this part of the province to travel east. The house and it’s setting looks really nice.

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