Pictou to Truro Nova Scotia

68 km, 18.6 km/hr, 2438 km so far

Today wasn’t long in terms of distance, but, as our average speed indicates, it was a tough one. Our route followed Nova Scotia’s answer to Quebec’s Rue Vert, the Blue Route. From Pictou to just outside Bible Hill, the route follows Highway 4, the old Trans Canada. In the middle of the route is Mount Thom.

On the Blue Route

Our B&B host had already mentioned Mount Thom. We had admitted to her that we had a short day to ride, that we felt like we were easing into the finish. 

“Oh, but you’ll have to climb Mount Thom” she says with with her British accent (we’ve already discussed the Brexit vote), and a grin on her face. We really hadn’t prepared ourselves for mountains in this part of Canada and, in the end, it wasn’t a BC style mountain, but it was a category 2 hill, 17 km of continuous climbing, into the wind. 

Fortunately, the end of the ride into Bible Hill and Truro was mostly downhill. We caused a bit of a stir at the local Tim Hortons and the bike shop where we stopped to top up the tires. We are about the first long distance cyclists of the season and our tandem is always a conversation starter.

Over supper we received a surprise text from our ride home. S&M are in Truro. We invite them to join us at a funky brew pub. The look on J’s face when our Jeep came down the street, to park in front of the pub, was priceless. I thought there might even be tears of joy.

The last day is ahead of us. 100km to an Airbnb in Halifax. Not sure how to feel about the end. More on that next time.


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