Shediac NB to Victoria by the Sea PEI

91.5 km, 20.1 average, 2248 km so far

We said farewell to New Brunswick today, after a second night in our tent. 

The day was more social than some others with quite a few people wanting to know where we are going and where we came from. There were other cyclists today as well: the couple from Toronto who flew into Moncton and are headed to Yarmouth; the couple from Quebec who were cycling from their campsite in Sheciac headed for Moncton, but going in the wrong direction; and the local lady, at a Tim Hortons, in the middle of nowhere, riding an old mountain bike, who was able to guess that we don’t smoke. Each conversation leaves us feeling a little like ambassadors for long distance cycling. If we can do this, so can you.

The Confederation Bridge from Highway 10 on PEI

We came on to the island on the Confederation Bridge. Bikes and pedestrians are not allowed on the bridge, but there is a shuttle service. We had envisioned a shuttle bus of some sort, but what came was a bridge service truck driven by one of the maintenance guys. The bike just fit, corner wise, in the box, and we had a very informative trip, safely across. 

Our shuttle across the Confederation Bridge was a bridge service truck driven by one of the maintenance crew.

Tonight we are in a B&B in a quaint fishing village. Supper was seafood. 

We spent far too much time trying to find a place to stay in Charolettetown. The hotels and B&B’s are all full, so we are going to have our first experience with Airbnb. At one point it looked like we would need to change our plans and go somewhere else on the island.

Tomorrow we have a short (40km) ride and then we will take a day off.


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