Hills Begin in Earnest

104km, 20.1 km/hour, 1948km so far.

We started into serious hills today. We climbed out of Woodstock and spent most of the day climbing and coasting. I don’t think we have encountered hills like these since we rode in British Columbia, last year. Google Maps continues to try to direct us to the rail trail, promising that it is flat, but we had enough of that yesterday.

We did use a little of the TransCanada Trail today, an abandoned paved road , and this suspension bridge, saved us a lot of riding.

At a bike shop today, we tried for some sympathy by whining a bit about the hills. Todd, the mechanic, just looked at us incredulously and said, ” You are in New Brunswick you know”.

A tire should’t wear like this.

We were at the bike shop because the tires we bought in Quebec City failed us. They were a good brand name, but we must have got a pair of duds. The front one has a bubble in it which causes the whole bike to shake. The rear one was worn right through to the threads, in a section about eight inches long. We had the tires for eight days. So, we ended up at Savage’s, the oldest bike shop in Canada, established in 1897. Todd, convinced us to go with a wider, 32 mm tire, arguing that the ride would be better, but mostly because he didn’t have the narrower tire in stock. He made a few adjustments to the headstock of the bike, checked out the drive train and sent us on our way, refusing to charge any labour. 

The bike fixed and ready to go again at Canada’s oldest bike shop.

We went out for supper at a restaurant in what was once a court house. We were seated in a “date night” booth, a little booth with only room for two at benches perpendicular to each other. She didn’t know we had already spent the whole day really close to each other.  

Our B&B for tonight. Built by a lumber baron in 1875. It’s huge, with all sorts of character.


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