Edmunston to Perth Andover (both in New Brunswick)

105 km, 21.4 km/hr, 1763 km so far

We spent most of today on roads. Google maps, on the bike setting, keeps wanting to put us on the Trans-Canada trail. We did ride it for a bit coming out of Edmunston and again at the end of the day. The quality of the trail has deteriorated significantly from what we experienced in Quebec. At one point, in the middle of our day, we took the trail to avoid a big hill in the adjacent road only to come to a spot, a few kilometers later, where the trail was closed. Our only choice was to take the detour, a very steep climb, to a provincial road.

Our experience so far with the New Brunswick part of the trail is that it is not much better than a farm track. They are not as careful here to keep motorized vehicles, particularly dirt bikes and four wheelers, off of the trail. In some places it is so muddy that the front and back of the bike slide in different directions. J doesn’t like that too much. Even though it is mostly flat, we will be avoiding the trail for a while.

Tonight it is supposed to get quite cold. We had intended to camp tonight and had not made any reservations. As the day wore on, and the temperature began to drop, the appeal of camping waned appreciably. We stopped at a little ice cream shop, bought ice cream and asked for advice. We were told that even though there were three motels in town  only one of them was not scuzzy. It turned out that one was $179 for the night. We turned to the B&B list, found one, and made a call. It turns out this particular B&B burned down four years ago and the Internet had not been told. Not to worry though, the owner of the former establishment has an apartment we can have for the night for $55.

We agree to meet her there, and take the space.

J making reservations for tomorrow night at a less exciting place than this one.

The place is fully furnished in 1960’vintage furniture and remains decorated to match. It has an odd smell and J spent a long time waiting for the hot water to come  in the shower until we realized it was never coming;the fuses for the water heater had been pulled out.

It will be warmer here than in our little tent when morning comes.


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