Riviere du Loup to Temiscouate sur de Lac

75 km, 14.8 km/hour, 1596 km total

The stats look like our day was a shorter one, only 75 km covered, but, in fact it was a long hard day. Other than about four kilometers at the start of the trip, in Riviere du Loup, our day was spent on a stone dust covered rail trail and it rained all day. We never saw another cyclist,  although we followed the tracks of one other person, the trail was deserted.

Our very quiet, damp, and somewhat soft route. A little sunshine would have made it beautiful.

We decided to take the rail trail rather than the shorter highway route, because it didn’t have any big hills. The official description of the trail promises no more than a four percent grade. The few times we got close to the highway we saw the big trucks struggling up hills in passing lanes, pulling a cloud of wet behind them. The thing about no big hills is that you do have to get to the top somehow. We climbed for thirty five kilometers, no more than four percent, but almost a constant climb on wet stone dust that made it feel like we were riding on flat tires. 

Putting things back together after portaging over the work of a beaver and a bit of a washout.

We were safer. No one on the highway would be expecting to see cyclists out today. We were often a little less exposed, protected from the wind and the wet by the trees and rocks pushing up to the edge of the old railway bed. 

Twice we had to lift the bike and trailer over fallen trees and in more than one place we rode through water running over the trail. In some places the trail had been washed out.

The second of dozens of gates meant to keep motorized vehicles off the trail. We managed to get through all but one successfully.

We’ve had an adventure which will continue as we get on the trail again to Edmunston tomorrow.

For tonight, we are in a classy little hotel in a touristy village, warm, well fed, and sleepy.


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