Riviere du Loup

 Day 16 92.5 km, 23.1 km/hr 1521 km total

For the past two days we have been travelling on the south shore of the St Lawrence River. We are north of Quebec City in an area that I never really pictured as an agricultural one. I was wrong. Quebec is the powerhouse of Canada’s dairy industry and our route for the past couple of days has really driven that home.

In 200 km we must have biked by at least one hundred dairies. Many of them appear to be about the same size as our dairy farm was, about 50 cows. Some are smaller, a few appear to be larger. Their strength though, does not so much appear to be in their numbers, but in the way they are an integral part of the community, in fact in some places a community unto themselves. 

At one point today, we crested a small rise, and there in the middle distance was what looked like a village of silos. There must have been at least forty of them clustered in an area not much bigger than a few city blocks with fields of alfalfa, grains, and a bit of corn surrounding them. In this area the isolation we felt as the number of dairy farms in our township dwindled to  a handful of individuals is not a factor. The community and the farms are one. 

The highway runs behind the farms here. The river valley land is very flat right to the edge of the river. A little wet too.

Tomorrow we make a ninety degree turn toward Edmunston, New Brunswick, and away from the St Lawrence. The landscape will certainly change.

Tonight we are safe,  and sound, in a Riviere du Loup motel. We were able to arrive here cold but dry. Tomorrow’s forecast is a little more dismal. 


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