Portneuf Quebec

111 km, 23.4 km/ hr, 1270 km total

My last two postings revolved around rain. I’d like to break the cycle and only say it rained just before we started out this morning and the end of today’s cycling involved a race with a really black cloud. We lost the race and suffered  20 km of downpour as our reward.

The wet, evening streets of Portneuf, dominated by the church steeple. Oddly there is a tiny Anglican church in this village as well.

We are cycling on the north shore of the St Lawrence, through an area that was among the first settled by Europeans. Villages dot the road about every 10km each one dominated by a huge Catholic church. Up until now the first sign of a town or village ahead would be the water tower usually emblazoned with the municpality’s name. Now it’s the church steeple, soaring two and three hundred feet above the surrounding village, providing its focal point. 
The other interesting bit, coming from the history of this area, is how close the farms are together. Original habitant settlers split their land grants for their sons. These farms would often be split again, always maintaining frontage toward the river. Today, as operations have expanded, the fronts of these farms get really full. We passed four dairy farms and a grain elevator today, so close together that you might wonder where the property lines are. There was hardly space for two tractors to pass between the barns.

We tried our first poutine tonight. I’m thinking it might be the last.

Poutine, maybe we should have tried the bbq variety.
Tomorrow we arrive in Quebec City. We’re going to stop for a rest day, the first one of the trip.


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