Can It Get Any Wetter?

Day 10 72.4 km, 17.4 km/br, 1026 km so far.

We knew it might be wet today. Every forecast we checked, and we checked more than one looking for a better answer, said it would rain. The chance was 100%. So we knew we might get wet today, but we hoped 100% might mean twenty minutes of drizzle, or even an hour. 

A short stop during a break in the showers.

We started out in good time, sent off by our Warmshowers hosts after they had taken our bike for a run around the block. ( I don’t think they are going out to get one soon). Our stay with them was wonderful and we left with some confidence that we would complete much of today’s ride before the rain started. That confidence was dashed about 10 km in as a drizzle started. The rain jackets came out. 

At the 40 km mark the rain was getting serious, and by the time we started on to the ice bridge across the St Lawrence the wind had picked up and the water was running out of the bottoms of our sandals. The phone, running our GPS, needed to be safely inside a pocket. It had already begun to function oddly, because of rain on the touch screen. At the end of the bridge, with rain falling heavily, we obeyed the audio prompt from the GPS, and turned the wrong way, into the wind, and into the rain. 

We had a hard time finding this tunnel under the road. GPS said nothing about going through doors into what looks like a building!

We realized our error in less than 10km, all together too far, because J could not see the screen and the lady inside the GPS didn’t seem to recognize her error. The trip for the day got long, and by the time we arrived at our friend C’s house, we we tired, dirty, and discouraged.

We arrive, wet, dirty, and just a little grumpy

Nothing a hot shower can’t fix.

We had come this way to join in with a number of friends in the area and join a pilgrimage class from Concordia University who had just completed a walk from Montreal to Kanewake. We had a wonderful reunion and met a group of keen young students ready to change the world.

Tomorrow the forecast is better, our clothes are washed, and even the bike is clean.


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