It’s Been a Wet One

112 km, 21.4 average, 760 km so far.

We went to bed early last night, tired. Early this morning we woke up to the sound of falling rain. Not a gentle drizzle, but an all out downpour. Not a promising beginning to the day for us, although by the look of some of the lawns we were cycling past, the rain was needed. 

By the time we had finished a wonderful breakfast, served by our host, Kathy, at the Hetherington Hall B&B and loaded the trailer again, the rain had stopped and all we had to contend with was the water spraying into our cycling sandals from the wheels. 

28 km later, in Kingston the skies opened up again, and we found shelter in a coffee shop for nearly a hour and finally headed out in a light drizzle. For the rest of the day it would rain and drizzle, and then stop for a bit, until we arrived at our destination in Brockville, our bodies, bike, and trailer, covered in wet road dirt.

Downtown Kingston and a wet bike seat

Getting ready to leave the coffee shop. We wore our rain jackets all day

On these journeys we find you really need something to look forward to so that the kilometers keep rolling under your wheels. Needs and desires become very simple, so, we look forward to food, a bed, and a certain amount of human interaction. You can imagine our disappointment arriving in Gananoque, half way through the ride, to find all the restaurants in town closed because the power to the downtown had been turned off. After a bit of aimless riding through the town we stumbled on the only restarant in town with its own generator. It was really busy and made amazing pizza. 


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