Rough Road Ahead

Day 5 122 km, 20.5 average, total to date 539 km

As we get further from the Golden Horseshoe, the character of the Waterfront trail changes. Today, we did stick pretty close to the marked trail which often took us onto secondary roads and some bike trails near communities. The quality of both was quite different from those in the city, but, we were able to make better time because we were not constantly turning around trees or slowing down for meandering pedestrians.

This hill, on some of the more primitive trail beat us. I couldn’t downshift fast enough and we ended up walking to the top.

We hit an all time low this afternoon. After deciding that a road marked “No Exit” didn’t apply to us and finding ourselves at the entrance to a gated community with a big sign that said “No Access to the Waterfront Trail”,we turned around, and forlornly considered the other option: something over a kilometer of newly graveled road. They may plan to chip and tar this road, but is really looked like the new gravel went down yesterday. 

The new gravel started with a steep downhill. I held tight to the brakes, and the steering hoping the front wheel wouldn’t dig in and and send us head over heels. We spied the Waterfront Trail sign ahead, pointing to the left. We were so glad to be off that road, but found ourselves on a service track beside the railway. As we went along we could see a paved path running along behind the gated community on the other side of a ditch, with a chain link fence. We had some bad thoughts about people in gated communities, until our track ended at some sort of railway signal building. All the way back we went to the gravel road to find that the paved trail was what we wanted, it just wasn’t very clearly marked, and we hadn’t gone far enough.

We came from the left , took the first left, and never even noticed the paved trail just a little further on. Honest mistake, right?

We’re camping again tonight. Coming back from supper in town, we met a young couple, with their three young children,who have been on the road for three days now. He’s riding a tandem Bike Friday, pulling a trailer full of gear, with a six year old for a stoker. She’s riding a single bike with a two seater tag-along for the four year old and two year old. We think we might be tired. They have to be exhausted. 


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