Commitments are Fulfilled

Day 3, 72.2 km, 21.9 km/ hour, total so far 292 km

Setting out on this trip on Friday was a bit of a risk. Sure, there are all sorts of risks on an adventure like ours: potholes, careless drivers, mechanical failure, even sickness or injury. Any one of those could have contributed to a much larger issue….not getting to work on time.

I work most Sunday mornings. In fact, Sunday is the culmination of my work week, the pinnacle. If I don’t make it to church, Sunday morning, a whole week’s work is sort of lost.

We did arrive in Caledonia after a very hot ride yesterday, exhausted. Our apartment was hot, sleep was not good, but the church service was wonderful with Professions of Faith, a baptism, and Lord’s Supper all with the backdrop of a full house and energetic singing. The church was hot though.

A special blessing for our new members

Following the service, J and I got back to the apartment, finished packing, and got on the bike to make a stop at an open house for the couple that joined the church this morning. We had great food, wonderful music, an awesome time, even though we were the only ones wearing spandex. I hardly felt out of place. We got another send off.

An unexpected, impromtu send off at D&M’s open house!!!

We’ve ended the day at a Warmshowers host in Mississauga. We are their first guests since signing on as hosts and they are going above and beyond to make us comfortable. 

After today, we have no more commitments other than to meet our ride back to Huron County on or about the 30th of June. The pressure is off. 


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