Every day?

Day 1 Home to Tavistock: 110km, average speed 22.6 km/hour

We bike regularly with a group of cyclists from the town of Wingham. Last Friday, as we returned from our weekly ride, the elder statesman of the group, with alarm in his voice says “You’re going to do this every day?” He repeated it a number of times as he wandered away, down the street. We assured him that we were ready to “do it” every day, for a few days in a row anyway.

Today, we are not so sure.

At 8:00 am , rested and ready to go!

We chose the hottest, most humid day of the year, so far, to start out on this “every day” for  a while journey. Four of our friends came with us for the beginning of the trip, to send us off, two of them staying with us for the first 50 km. Company does make you (me anyway) push a little harder to stay ahead or even just keep up. We arrived in Seaforth for a lunch break at the half way mark, well before lunch. From there we went on alone (if two people can be alone together) and dropped our speed down a bit. By the time we got to Tavistock the water was all gone.

Good thing we left today, this road would be closed on Monday and the choices to the right and left were both gravel.

We kept on though, drawn by the knowledge that there was a Tim’s in Tavistock which sells brain freezing ground-up ice drinks at exorbitant prices. We felt like we were limping into town. Refreshed by ground ice we made the last kilometer to our lodging for tonight. We are in a 1911 vintage caboose, surrounded by a little train village.

Our cozy caboose, with air conditioning


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