2015 Cycling Summary

I think the cycling season is over.

We’ve had a few days in the last month where it seemed that we should get out, but, all the factors (temperature, wind speed, precipitation, sunlight, time to get out, motivation) didn’t line up to make it happen. I did get out a couple of weeks ago for a short ride in our new neighbourhood, but since then the bikes have done little more than collect dust.

Today we have a snow fall warning. It has started to come down and the world is turning white.  It just seems like the right day to declare the 2015 riding season over.

J and I started cycling somewhat seriously, in a fair weather way, in 2008. Since then we have done a number of long trips. This year crowned them all with our plan to cross the continent. Circumstances did not allow us to finish that trip, but the accumulated kilometers make 2015 our biggest riding year yet. The tandem has become our bike of choice which really shows up in this year’s numbers.


Here they are:

Tandem: 6091

Road bike:119

Touring bike:189

Hotel Courtesy bike: 35

2015 Total: 6434 km

Next year, if the stars line up properly, we hope to finish the cross continent trip


5 thoughts on “2015 Cycling Summary

  1. That tandem setup of yours looks fantastic! I’d love something like that for the wife and I to get out more together in the summer (although I’d need to get a larger bike storage solution first). We love getting out on a tandem whenever possible!

    • We really do love this bike. It’s a Santana Arriva and, to solve your storage issues, it does come apart and fits in a big case. Great for shipping to far off biking destinations.

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