Ishpeming to Munising

I borrowed this picture of Lover's Leap. Mine has rain in it.

I borrowed this picture of Lover’s Leap. Mine has rain in it.

i just had to put those two town names in the title. Our travels have taken us to many places with strange names, but these, and others in this area, are the most interesting. Most of them have native roots although they have sometimes been named in error by the first settlers. Munising is actually named for the native word minesing which is the Ojibwa word for island referring to Grand Island which protects Munising’s harbour.

On our way from Ishpeming, we met the county prosecutor at a rest area. After an interesting visit about “bucket lists” he suggested that when in Munising we should certainly take a boat cruise on Lake Superior to see the Pictured Rocks. We just beat the rain into town, but decided, during a lull in the showers, to take his advice and go on the 5 pm cruise. By the time we left it was raining again which significantly reduced the demand for the trip. There were thirteen passengers on a boat that can hold one hundred and fifty. We were able to stay inside, stay reasonably dry (but not warm) and meet a number of the others.

The trip was two and a half hours and visited cliffs and formations that reminded us of the Tobermory area on a much grander scale.


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