Canada Day on the Road

We spent Canada Day on the road south of the border. It was the sort of day that just rolled without the need for taking a lot of pictures, so there are none. 

 We did meet Canadians along the road. Our “Canada” jerseys made us pretty obvious. In Floodwood we found a family taking a break whose kids were wearing “Canada” shirts and even had a maple leaf bandana on their dog. They were a military family travelling to Muskoka in Ontario before moving from their home in Winnipeg to a new posting in Oklahoma City. We may have convinced them to try riding a tandem (but maybe not).

Earlier in the morning, a black shape appeared on the side of the road ahead of us. Eventually we could make out that we were catching up to another loaded cyclist. It took a little while, but we caught up and offered chocolate, which brought the bikes to a halt. Jody is cycling solo from Winnepeg to the Maritimes. We spent some time comparing itineraries and offering advice about getting through southern Ontario. 

There is something comforting about meeting people from “home”, especially on Canada Day. Even though we’ve never met these people before, it’s like they are part of our tribe.

We’ve finished our day in Duluth where there is no sign of Canada Day at all, but we have returned to the Great Lakes.

Happy Canada Day!!!


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