A Flat and Sunny North Dakota Day

After a storm blew through Langdon yeasterday, and the weather forecast suggested more on the way, we were pleasantly surprised to wake up to sunny and calm conditions. The weather was perfect for riding even if the roads left something to be desired.

We’ve been riding through better and better farmland all the time. The girl in the coffee shop in Langdon described her community as having only two classes, the rich and the poor. The rich were very much agriculturally based. Their fields are flat and even. Gone are the duck ponds littering the fields of Manitoba. Here the black soil is farmed to the edges and, if there is a tree they cut it down rather than farm around it. 

Crops have diversified too. This afternoon, besides the standard canola, soybeans, and wheat, we drove past endless potato fields, and a huge sugar beet storage area. Every little village has an elevator, or two, even if there is no grocery store or restaurant. The farms must be huge, since we see very few farmsteads.

Tonight we are camping. Dragging the tent and the other camping gear as insurance has paid off. The three motels in Grafton are all full. The tent will be quite a change from last night’s king bed in an air conditioned room, but, we’ll be fine on the ground. There is a celebration in Grafton tonight, so we are not expecting a quiet, restful sleep.


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