Resting in Moose Jaw

Yesterday we rested. Our last rest day was in Jasper, 12 days and almost 1300 km ago. We really went too far without a stop and our last two days of riding were too long. We arrived in Moose Jaw very tired.

A rest day, though, is not really just resting. It’s doing something different and often things that need to be done. Laundry, restocking supplies and bike parts along with exploring the place we are in, are all part of our rest day.

Priority one yesterday was laundry. After a bit of online research we found that there was a laundry relatively nearby. Our very helpful B&B host offered to drive us there. We gathered everything into our panniers and off we went. The nearest one was called the Snow Hut and was attached to a convenience store about ten blocks from downtown. We unloaded, our host left in a cloud of dust, and we found the laundry locked. After checking the hours of operation and finding it should have been open, we went around to the store and found it dark as well. It, however, was occupied. 

There was construction going on next to the store, and, apparently, the power had been cut to the entire area an hour earlier. We visited, shared our story, and after finding out the next nearest laundry was on the other side of town, decide to leave our bags, go downtown for a coffee, and wait for the proprietor to call with an all clear.

Using trusted Google Maps, we found the best coffee shop in town. Wandering in, looking for a table, I notice a young man working at a computer with a copy of the Hebrew Bible ( in Hebrew) beside him. I can’t resist, and make a comment about his reading material. Turns out he is a PhD student at Wycliffe College in Toronto, and a friend of AFJ who lives in our daughter’s basement. Moose Jaw is home for him and his wedding photographer wife. Sometimes the world is small.

We are not yet done with our coffee and tea, when the call comes to let us know power has been restored. Laundry is done without incident, but just as the clothes are almost dry, the proprietor of the store comes in and announces that we need to come and eat ice cream, on the house. We eat Rollo ice cream, tell more stories, and have pictures taken. A little bike ride and we are celebrities.


A slightly blurry picture of us with our new friends and our ice cream

Today, rested and ready, we ride to Weyburn, 150 km away. The forecast warns it might be wet, but the wind will be on our backs.


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