Four Strong Winds

Yesterday, a trucker, eating lunch in a diner in the village of Outlook , told us, with a grin on his face, that the wind always blows in Saskatchewan. It’s just too bad it wasn’t in our favour.

Besides the constantly blowing wind, Saskatchewan is also about long distances. You can see a long way and there is a lot of distance between things. Our goal yesterday was to ride from Rosetown to Elbow, a distance of just about 150 km the first hundred of which was almost directly east. We started out in good time,with clouds threatening rain overhead, and found ourselves faced with a strong wind out of the north east. Our speed dropped to a crawl. We couldn’t even coast down the few gentle hills on the way.

It was well after noon when we finally got to the halfway point in Outlook. This was the first town we would cycle through, and the last before Elbow. We debated stopping for the day but convinced ourselves we could do the last thirty kilometers to the turn to Elbow which would put the wind on our back.

When we finally got to Elbow, the one star Lakeview Lodge ( no lake in sight) felt like arriving home. We had accomplished what we set out to do even though it had meant riding for longer than any day on the trip so far, just over eight hours in the saddle. 

Our bodies are feeling it. 

We are really looking forward to a rest day in Moose Jaw, 138 km away, hopefully with a more favourable wind to help us on our way today.


One thought on “Four Strong Winds

  1. My sister lives in Outlook. Not so very long ago they had the longest walking bridge (again the theme…) until some structural engineers determined it not safe for human traffic. I suppose it would now be the longest not-walked-upon bridge.

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