A Piece of Paradise at the End of the Day

Over the past two days we have covered almost 230 km. After yesterday’s long day of hill after hill, rain, and wet roads, we started today tired. We didn’t have a long day planned but we were coming into an area of bigger mountains and with them longer steeper hills. 

The 1000km mark for the Yellowhead Highway. We’ve been following the road since its beginning in Prince Rupert

Since we had gotten further than planned yesterday, we thought we might go a little further in search of accommadation today than planned. We got busy on the Internet, checking out our options and found the Mount Robson Mountain River Lodge. It’s a B&B with a couple of cabins which, from the pictures provided, looked really inviting. A call to our hostess, Claudia, confirmed a cabin at a better rate than would be expected and revealed that an evening meal was available as well.

The view may. improve if the clouds move off of Mount Robson

 When we arrived, the swarming mosquitos reminded us why we were leaving our tent in the trailer, yet again. The cabin is wonderful and cozy, but more amazing is the view of Mount Robson out our front window and the roar of the stream running just the other side of the house.  It’s peaceful here, calming. I could stay longer.

Tonight’s cozy cabin. This along with e view and great dinner company made this an ideal spot for the evening.


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