An Important Milestone Reached

This afternoon, in the rain, we passed a milestone,1000 km on the trip so far. We’ve been on the road since the 18th of the month and have cycled, at least a little bit, every day. We did take a 22 hour ferry ride from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert which, except for short rides to and from the ferry, we’re not really cycling days. I think we’ve done pretty well considering the size of the hills we are faced with every day.

1000 km is a milestone because we have never travelled further on a single trip. We have touched the 1000 km mark on two other trips. On both of those occasions we limped into the finish, suffering from top to bottom (especially bottom). This time, we are actually in pretty good shape, likely because we are not anticipating the end of the trip. We know we have to go on.

We are looking forward to a break though. This section of the trip doesn’t really lend itself to a layover. We are travelling through relatively small communities with little to offer for an extended stay without a car. Prince George is two days away. It’s a city of over 70,000. We’ve got a B&B booked for two nights, and the bike booked into a bike shop for a tune up.

Looking forward to a rest.


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