We Might be Getting Tired

We are in Smithers BC tonight. Our ride wasn’t really that long today, only 68 km, but we are still feeling the effects of the 142 km we pushed through yesterday.


This morning’s skies were not the. clear and sunny ones we have become used to.

Our troubles today were compounded by rain. First, by the threat of it, the trying to beat it to Smithers, and then by its reality. We rode in the rain for just over 20 km and on wet road for another ten. It wasn’t a driving rain, but it was a wet rain. We are wearing bike sandals and once the road got wet, the spray from the front tire lands right on them, through them, and, except for what the socks absorbed, back out of them. The temperature didn’t get much over 10 degrees Celcius, so the water going into and out of the sandals was pretty cold.

The rain did have some benefits. We were able to confirm that the brakes on the bike work in wet conditions. We likely used them more today since letting the bike have its head down wet hills just doesn’t feel all that safe. The brakes work!

 We also confirmed our new (very expensive) Showers Pass bike raincoats do keep our torsos dry. They do next to nothing for our bottom halves, actually directing more water that way, but no rain goes through them and we don’t sweat hugely inside them. The coats are a win!

Finally, we were able to find out how water proof the trailer is. It’s really filthy now, being the recipient of a lot of water off of the back tire, but most of the things inside were dry. We have a few things spread around our room tonight to remove some dampness, but nothing was soaked. Confirmation is good!

With all these good confirmations in place, we did arrive in Smithers in pretty good time, just about sick of hills, and were able to spend some time exploring the town. Who would have imagined a Swiss themed downtown in the middle of the Rockies.

This evening, we rest. We won’t stop for a full day of rest until Prince George 371 km from here.


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