Yesterday we set off on what could be described as a pilgrimage. J and I stepped out the door to begin two and a half months of travel which will take us from one side of the continent to the other. We’ll be riding a bike, a tandem bike, and pulling a trailer. For the next while we will be relying on very little stuff.

Those who think in terms of pilgrimage say the journey begins when you step across the threshold of your home, not necessarily at the perceived beginning of the journey. At that point you enter what they call a liminal space. It’s a place of disorientation, of ambiguity, a place of now and not yet, a between place. It is in liminal places, away from the everyday routines of life, the familiar, that the pilgrim can begin to see himself from new perspectives, to separate himself from the daily challenges of life which may prevent real self realization.

So, yesterday, we stepped across our threshold, loaded our stuff into the back of a friend’s vehicle, and were delivered to a hotel near the airport. We fly to Vancouver this afternoon and begin riding on Monday.

For the next months we have no responsibilities beyond the day itself. Our world has become small, but at the same time very large. Our days will be measured in kilometres, by the people we meet along the way, the conversations we have,  the books we read, the quiet we experience, the wonder we find in the creation surrounding us, and the sense of communion with the Creator of it all.

As we travel, both J and I will be blogging. You can find her at beyonddonnybrook.wordpress.com. It will usually be more of a travel-log, but not always, while my writing will tend to be a little more reflective, again, not always. You are cordially invited to join us in our liminal space.


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