The Wives of Los Alamos

J recommended I read this book, by Tarashea Nesbitt, and I’m glad she did.

Most bdownloadooks have one or maybe two main characters and if the story is told in the first person the word “I” will be used a lot. This book takes a totally different tack on an experience had by many. It is written in the first person but always in terms of “we”.

The experience is the work of developing the atomic bomb at Los Almos as seen through the wives of the researchers at the facility. It feels a little bit like the women were gathered in a room, their responses to life before and during Los Alamos recorded on big sheets of paper, and then all incorporated into the story with the use of the global “we”.

Wives of Los Alamos does a wonderful job of reminding us that in every situation there is more than one story, more than one point of view, more than one set of experiences. I reminds us that we cannot lump a group of people together and assume all of them think the same way, feel the same way.

By the end of the first chapter, I was a little confused and wondered if the main character was schizophrenic, but by the end of the book the odd structure had affected me in positive ways.


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