Risky Undertaking

From time to time I get books, before they are published, for review. Like the title of this book, this practice can be a risky undertaking.

downloadRisky Undertaking is the eighth book in the Buryin’ Barry Mystery series by Mark de Castrique. The series follows Barry Clayton, a part time deputy, and full time undertaker. The title of the series and the odd positioning of the main character would lead one to believe that this might be a comic look at crime investigation. It’s not really though. Sure, Barry’s extended family do provide comic relief from time to time but, at least in Risky Undertaking, the subject matter is serious and the characters generally act professionally, there is blood, and the smell of gunpowder.

There’s something shallow about it though and maybe it’s because I haven’t read the other seven books in the series (I’m not likely to either). This story centers around a murder which stems from a conflict between a native casino and developers planning a second casino for a rival band. The issues are actually real enough, but I didn’t feel the cast of characters placed in the story carried the weight the issue deserved. It was like the story was dropped on top of the scenario.

If you are looking for a quick read in the “who done it” genre, this book may fit the bill, but I honestly can’t give it many stars. It is set to be released November 4 2014.


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