A Song of Ice and Fire

imagesI’ve just finished reading book five in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. These books are likely best known through the title of the first book of the series, A Game of Thrones, which is also the title of the HBO series based on the books. The series is based in an imaginary medieval world and describes the rise and fall of kingdoms in the brutal way that one might expect of a medieval time.

For the past months, I’ve been immersed in these kingdoms and the machinations of the folks who want to run them. I started the first book in late April and by Sunday of this week I had finished the final book with a total page count of almost 4300 pages. (that’s enough reading for four masters courses) I did read other things along the way, but these last months have been dominated by brutality and backstabbing, religion and romance, hope and hatred. All of it wrapped up in a story that actually doesn’t move very fast. It could likely be seen as five or six separate, but linked novels dropped into a blender, each with its own story and plot, each one at some point intersecting with, or being affected by, the others.

None the less, I’m feeling a little lost now. The website says there is a book related to the series coming out next month, but there is no indication when the actual story will continue. We were left hanging, but I guess life is like that. I’ll need to find something else to read in the meantime.

Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “A Song of Ice and Fire

  1. Actuly, we don’t know when the next book in the series is, it’s just a related book coming out next month. But i heard it’s stil good.

    • Thanks Jess, I didn’t look closely enough at the website and just got caught by the “October 2014”. I have edited the post.

  2. There are rumors that GRRM has dropped off the manuscript for Book Six, so with the editorial and publishing process, we might see it out next summer.

    If you want to read some more engaging fantasy, I’d recommend The Name of the Wind and it’s sequel, The Wise Man’s Fear, by Patrick Rothfuss.

    Glad you’re enjoying Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books!

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