A Pergola

This week, between office days and ration building, we built a pergola.

When we came to this house, just over nine years ago, it had no deck. The doors to our bedroom and the sunroom opened to a four foot drop.

The empty deck

The empty deck


We built a deck, but since it was on the south side of the house, found it really too hot to use during the summer months. We’ve tried various sorts of shade, umbrellas, and a canvas gazebo, but since the deck is exposed to strong west winds these solutions mostly ended up on the lawn in a tangle of cheap tin.

photo (2)

Its handy to have a helper to get things level and square

photo (4)

The finished product

We’ve moved most of our outdoor lounging to the shaded patio on the east side of the house, but, its not handy to the kitchen for eating outside, and the deck looks a little forlorn with nothing on it.

A pergola seemed like it might be the answer so we got measuring, and figuring, and looking at pictures on the internet. By Monday I had a material list and by Tuesday night the basic structure was in place. It wasn’t where we had
originally planned to put it because of issues with the roof line of the house and the placement of posts and windows. This one went so well though, and really adds to the deck, so we’ve decided to build a second one and cover the entire deck.

Once it stops raining we’ll go out and set the posts.


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