Today We Butchered the Easter Bunny (in Church)

I’ve never really understood what Easter Bunnies, and Easter Eggs, have to do with an empty tomb other than a way for the merchandising machine to capitalize on this holiday. Chocolate tombs, or tomb closing stones for that matter, really wouldn’t cut it up on the shelves of our local grocery store. Bunnies do though.

So today, for the children’s message, I looked for a way to link the two ideas. There is a common thread, but to get there, we needed to butcher the bunny.

After getting the bunny out of its pink cardboard and cellophane box, he was laid on a cutting board and a very large knife was produced. One of the fifteen or so kids suggested that the bunny’s head be cut off. So that is what we did, in one fell swoop.

Guess what we found out. The bunny is empty, just like the tomb on Easter Sunday. There is nothing inside. One of the kids even thought looking down the bunny’s headless torso, that the emptiness looked like a cave, an empty cave.

So there you have it. The Easter Bunny is a legitimate purchase since it helps us remember the tomb is empty, while at the same time providing a chocolate fix.


One thought on “Today We Butchered the Easter Bunny (in Church)

  1. That’s an interesting spin on the Easter bunny and the resurrection connection! :). I don’t think I’ll ever look at a chocolate Easter bunny in the same way again!

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