Inside: Alix Ohlin

I just finished reading Inside by Alix Ohlin. I needed a book to read and J had already downloaded this one from the library. I knew nothing about the book, and after finishing the first chapter, I was ready to be disappointed. Initially, the book seemed like it was a collection of short stories about marital disfunction revolving around a therapist theme.

13152420Rather than set it down, I soldiered on into the next chapters and found instead a wonderfully crafted story that did bloom into a full blown novel. Its a story of redemption, a story of growing up, a story that circles back onto itself.

Inside reminds us that the interactions we have today, do have ramifications in the future. It says something about true friendship, about the fact that we are connected to each other, sometimes i strange ways.

Ohlin has created an easy to read novel with deep themes and an artistic style which, in the end surprises.


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