A Complaint

I don’t think I am known as a complainer. I’m not someone who always seems to point out the negative side of things, but, today I have a complaint. (if my self reflection is marred please don’t hesitate to let me know). I don’t think I’m alone in this complaint either, more and more folks have had enough, want change, and are willing to speak up about it. It’s just that I’m not sure who to send this complaint to.

You see, I, and many like me (and not so much like me) have had enough of winter. I’ve blown the driveway out often enough. I feel content about the number of times I’ve been through the bush on snowshoes. The wonderful heat of the wood stove is getting old. My sweaters are starting to go out of shape and even the socks, lovingly knit by my wife to keep my feet warm and toasty, are losing their charm. The comforting hum of my snow tires has become an irritating howl.  I’ve experienced winter, all of it, and, while there was some anticipation of the first snow back in November (or was it October) the shine has totally worn off.

The view from the dining room window this morning, March 22 2014

The view from the dining room window this morning, March 22 2014

Last night, after a couple of teasingly warm days, which most years arrive in January, we received another 10 to 15 cm (weatherman talk) of wet snow. It would have been really pretty in December. Now it is just a reminder that winter hasn’t let go yet.

In 2013, our first outing on the bikes was March 10th. I know some folks did get out on that one warmer day last week, but our bikes are still locked in their trainers, getting dusty, because after 40 km in the basement, I’m still in the basement.

There, it’s out. I should feel better now having expressed my complaint. (Note the word “should”)!

I have to remind myself that if the only thing I have to complain about is the weather, I am blessed.

He changes times and seasons; Daniel 2:21a



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