A Week of Contrasts

We’re on a family holiday, the first one in 3 years. We had a couple of criteria for this adventure. Since it’s winter it had to be warm. All flights from the various places where we live needed to be direct. We wanted something more interesting than a resort in the Caribbean, particularly since we would have a 20 month old grandson along.

Las Vegas provided the direct flights, warmth, and had the added benefit of being an economical place to fly. It really didn’t do the thing for the interesting so we decided to split our time between the city of casinos and the wilderness of the Grand Canyon.

From our Las Vegas Hotel room
From our Las Vegas Hotel room

What a contrast! Las Vegas is amazing, teeming with people with a continual party spirit, its casinos and hotels are beautiful expressions of human ingenuity and creativity. Towers and pyramids rise out of the landscape. Michael Angelo’s David graces the hallway of a casino with more famous sculptures in alcoves outside the building. Of course, it’s all fake, nice to look at, but fake, designed to draw the unsuspecting into the casino. Even some of the trees are fake. Nothing in Vegas is as it seems, although it is all quite beautiful.

From right in front of our Grand Canyon hotel
From right in front of our Grand Canyon hotel

After two nights in Vegas, we get into rental cars and drive 250 miles (we’re in the US now) to the Grand Canyon National Park. Here we stay in a log hotel built in the early 1900’s. Its not as luxurious as our digs in Vegas, but right outside the front door is a sight that no human could create, the Grand Canyon. The view is stunning, confusing the senses in its majesty. You could spend the whole day looking and still see new things, new colours. It just goes on and on. We are fortunate to be here in February. Its relatively quiet and yet it is warm enough to spend time outside reading a book.

Of course, you can spend the whole day looking in Vegas too, but there is something about getting to know something about the creator of the Grand Canyon that tops the best work of the designers of the Las Vegas strip.


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