Good Old Fashioned Winter

There are folks who bemoan the demise of the “good, old fashioned winter”. I’m not sure what was good about those winters, and, in fact, this winter could lead one to believe they are not gone at all.

Picture1Here’s a picture from the winter of 1970 or 1971. It was bad, snow was deep, schools were cancelled, roads were closed. My sister and brother are in the picture, in the driveway in front of our house on the home farm. I think we had to get the snowplow in to clear this pathway.



20140105_120453I’m in this one, taken this morning, in my driveway. I cleared it myself with the tractor and snowblower, ( Our snow removal equipment might be better now) but I think this snow is as deep, or deeper, than it was in that old fashioned season and this is only the 5th of January. We’ve got a snow fall warning and a snow squall watch on for tonight. My bank will be even bigger by morning!!!



3 thoughts on “Good Old Fashioned Winter

    • I wouldn’t count on it being gone, lets just hope it is lying silent, still, on the ground. Its not so bad when its not moving.

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