A Pattern Emerges

There is a pattern emerging in my varied and somewhat crowded life. The pattern comes thanks to the council of the church where I am currently working as interim pastor. This position is not full time, but, they asked me to keep regular office hours to allow parishioners to drop into the church office to visit. Their request was likely good for all of us.

The regular office hours have become the framework around which the rest of the week is built. Mondays have become a study day, working with texts, translating, researching, digging into commentaries. I thought I might start sermon writing  Monday as well, but so far writing doesn’t start before the next office day on Wednesday. Tuesday has become a sheep and goat day, on the road with the Threefold Consulting hat on (no I don’t really have corporate hats). Wednesday, besides being a writing day, is also a busy day for folks dropping in. Coffee Break, the midweek women’s Bible study happens Wednesday mornings all  of them go by my office, with happy greetings.  Some pop in for a moment of two just to say hi, to pass on a prayer request, or a few words of encouragement. By Wednesday evening the sermon is roughed out (a bunch of it still roughly in my head) a new blog post is written, my part of the bulletin is submitted, prayer items are updated, and the service is put together. A busy day, but totally doable since each job is not very big.

Thursday is a day in class at the seminary so readings need to be done sometime before. They do get done,mostly in the gaps between other things. I thought I remembered the profs saying there would be about one hundred pages a week to read. Somehow, It seems to be more than that. Maybe it was a hundred pages for each prof.

After class, its off to the farmer’s market for fresh vegetables and farm calls on the way home. From this point back to Monday the structure peters out depending on what the weekend holds. Friday morning has become a personal care time on the bicycle or at the coffee shop (or both) with the afternoon devoted to the things the week did not finish.

Structure can be a good thing. In the past couple of years my classes provided the place I needed to be and the task which needed to be completed. It was not as regular as what I am experiencing now which is in a way both confining and freeing.


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