Sitting, waiting

imagesOur car is in the shop, and I’m waiting for it in Tim Hortons. I’ve managed to keep quite busy balancing rations, dealing with emails, making friends on Facebook, maintaining my Scrabble games, all the while stylishly sporting my ear-buds, listening to Wendel Berry’s Jaybor Crow, a free ebook I got yesterday (you can get it too from

As I wait, and drink coffee, the counter is busy. I visited for a while with an older couple, just back from a trip across the country. We commiserated together about the price of gas, in some places up to $1.44/liter, while we drank our $1.60 medium coffees.


One thought on “Sitting, waiting

  1. I love good non-fiction writing – like Berry’s … and yours. Haven’t yet read any of B’s novels yet, so thanks for the heads-up on the opportunity to try it out audio-style. And free.

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