Virgin Tandem Ride

Today, the temperature got up to 10 degrees Celsius,  it wasn’t raining, and we had a couple of free hours in the morning. What could we do…..?

Back in December, I introduced our newest bike, a tandem that breaks down and fits in a big suitcase. We built the bike back then, in about three hours. We practiced taking it apart, putting it away in its box. This may remind you of a Stephen Leacock Christmas story, but what else can you do with a take apart bike in the middle of the winter?

A couple of weeks ago, we put it together again. Yes we were bored, but it needed to be done so it would be ready for the first good weather. This time it only took an hour. The only thing we needed now was weather, the right kind.

Earlier this week the stars appeared to be coming together for today, and for once the forecasters weren’t wrong. We sort of wanted the temperature to go above 9 before we started out but our day was full enough that waiting till the afternoon would not have worked. We bundled up and went.

Not a great picture. Ever try to get a picture of yourself riding a bike?

Not a great picture. Ever try to get a picture of yourself riding a bike?

Went is really the wrong word. We flew. This bike is awesome and with my faithful stoker pounding away on the back, its a true joy to ride. Surprisingly, apart from a few seat adjustments, the bike seems to be properly adjusted. She slides through gears effortlessly, she stops on a dime,and coasts in near silence. She’s light and yet very stable. She’s a big improvement over her predecessor.

Post Script: The title for this post originally comes from a conversation, over coffee, in which J referred to this ride in these terms. She was corrected, and maiden voyage was suggested as a more appropriate description. Her original terminology is catching on.


2 thoughts on “Virgin Tandem Ride

  1. Sounds like your purchase was a good choice for you and will provide lots of fun and healthy entertainment. Wishing you many happy hours of traveling and exploring!

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